3 Ways to Ease Depression Symptoms

Depression is hard mental illness. Many people do not understand it and how it works. Contrary to popular belief, depression isn’t something you can turn on or off depending on your environment or foods you eat. The list I have in this article is simply suggestions to add to your diet to assist in easing with depression.

Please seek medical advice or speak with your doctor before implementing anything stated in this post.


What is depression? Depression is a feeling of extreme sadness that affects your life in a negative way.

Researches believe that when someone experiences depression they do not regulate enough docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) or eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

There are different types of depression: seasonal, mental, spiritually, postpartum and many more… Today I will discuss some natural remedies to ease depression. Please note that article is not intended for medical purposes, and this article should not be used to diagnose any illness.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids also most commonly known in fish oil, flax seed oil or in salmon assist the brain by providing anti inflammatory molecules to the brain. Adding a gram in your diet is eating a few pieces of salmon per week according to Harvard Health Publishing. Both DHA and EPA are found in Omega 3 fatty acids which is why its believed to aid in combating depression.

My recommendation is try eating salmon once a week and eat one teaspoon flax seeds with your yogurt or smoothies a few times a week. Please note that flax seeds contain plenty of fiber, so if you need to adjust flax seed dosages do so as needed.

Vitamin D

Today, many doctors prescribe Vitamin D as a way to treat depression. Testing shows that patients that have lack of vitamin D are depression. Researchers see a correlation in which they believe vitamin d plays a major role in this mental illness.

Some foods to add to your diet are sardines, milk, tuna, oatmeal, and orange juice. You can also go outside and in the sun more, its recommended that one should I wrote about foods containing Vitamin D in my previous article check that out here.


Known as the Indian ginseng, ashwagandha has hundreds of benefits including to improve symptoms of depression and its been used for many years. Researchers here in the US are just now studying what its effects are. It said to aid in increasing fertility, good for heart health, helping one boost their immunity.

There are many ways to implement this in your diet from add a sprinkle in your food, your energy drink or your smoothie. My recommendation is that you try a half a pinch to understand and learn what it tastes like and then decide where you would like to add it.

I hope this article helped you all in some way. I hope you all also learned something new today. Please comment below for any questions or concerns.

I’m not a supplement advocate, but there are some exceptions. I recommend you check with your doctor for a clearance on adding the following supplements to your diet.


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