How to Boost Your Immune System

It seems like we are going to be stuck in this pandemic for a while. While its understood that certain vitamin and minerals can not prevent COVID-19, we can still protect ourselves and strengthen our immune systems.

5 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Exercise, drink plenty of water and a getting good rest is part of the formula to gaining a healthy immune system. The foods listed on here do not work alone without these other variables. Be sure to add it on the list of every day health and wellness foods.


Although garlic has a bad reputation for making your breath smell, it’s one of the most powerful natural food medicines. The number one food I’d recommend adding to your list of immune boost power is garlic. Garlic is a super food and is a staple in every kitchen. Garlic contains many antioxidants that assist in preventing cell damage. Garlic is a must add to soups when a common cold comes around.


Ginger is known to defend the body against nausea like symptoms, digestion aid, weight loss and even fight the flu. Gingerol is a bioactive property in ginger that helps fight infections and also can assist in boosting the immune system. Try adding dry ginger to your tea or your foods once in a while.

Red Bell Peppers

It may come to a surprise for some, but red peppers are the way to go when you feel a cold coming. They are packed with vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin e and more vitamin c than some citrus foods. Add red bell peppers to your soups, pasta dishes or just eat them as snacks dipped in ranch or your favorite dip.


A study found that children whom consume pineapples on the regular, had less bacterial infections than those who did not. Pineapples can be found to contain a rich amount of antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. By adding pineapples to salads, dishes and juices, you can expect a food providing vitamins to boost your immune system.

My favorite juice that includes pineapples is one by a well known YouTuber FullyRaw Kristina. She is a fully raw eater and she shares her recipes on the web. Check out her flu shot drink here.


Broccoli contains vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, fiber and many other minerals. Its a vegetable that offers health protection in sickness or when one is healthy. Due to broccoli being packed with Vitamin C, it can be used to support your immune system. Add broccoli to your dishes as boiled vegetable or raw.

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