Natural Remedies For a Cold

Let’s face it, no matter how strong we may argue our immune systems are everyone at some point does catch a cold.

I recently got faced with the worst cold of that I could ever recall. Doctors say that colds can last anywhere from 3 days to more than a week. Mine was on the higher end. I have to admit I’m not one of those people that pops a pill for every headache or every ache in my body. I am more of a holistic curer or a natural remedy person. Although this cold took on my different.

It is normal for colds to contribute to ear aches or clogged eustachian tubes. Along with my sore throat and my never ending coughs, I had blockage in my eustachian tubes and I have to admit that was far worst than the cold itself. I couldn’t hear from one ear. It wasn’t wax build up, but it was a tube that was swollen. Long story short, here is what I did to not only get better but feel better.

1.) Keep your feet covered

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This should go without saying but many people do not cover their feet when they are sick. In some cultures it is a norm to take socks and shoes off when entering a house because of cleanliness. This is understandable, coming from one of those houses where no shoes are allowed in the house, socks were always an exception. When you are under the weather be sure to cover your feet. Cold air is often easiest to attracted to parts of your body that aren not covered. Skip the shorts, wear sweats and skip the t shirt where a hoodie even at home. Bottom line is cover yourself even at home!

2.) Drink Warm Fluids and Electrolytes

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Yes, I know I am an advocate for all natural foods but at times when one is ill or has tried natural foods and has failed to recover I would advise to take power drinks. First try drinking 8 glasses of water if you have not done so. By drinking more water, you are flushing out mucus and other junk. If and only if that doesn’t work, drink some power drinks like vitamin water or Gatorade. My personal favorite is BodyArmor Sports Drink.

Hot tea with lemon and honey has also proven to suppress a sore throat. Make sure you drink one to two cups of hot tea per day. I recommend chamomile during the late afternoon or early evening.

3.) Garlic and Ginger

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Admittedly, yes both do make your breath smell but they are the best 2 nature foods to fight off infections. I talk about benefits of garlic and ginger in my other articles. They should be your number one superfoods for fighting colds. Avoid taking more than a pinch (if dried)/ a thumb of each per day. Too much can result into many bowel movements

4.) Cough Suppressants

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There are many cough suppressants in the market. With the methanol ranging from 5-7% there is an effective dose per drop. I would say that with adding cough suppressants to my medicine cabinet from a cold recovery, I got rid of my coughs in about 2 days. I took one every 2 hours as the package said and made sure to take some after my coughs were gone.

5.) Acupuncture and Eastern Remedies

I will talk more about this in my later articles, but try pushing on some pressure points to help you allevaite pain or soreness in any area of your body when you have a cold. There are plenty of credible accupunture sites that can help you locate a meridian point to apply pressure on.

A herbal remedy I found to be effective during my cold recovery was Coldclearâ„¢
Zhong Gan Qing. There are plenty of sites online in which you can purchase it. By implementing and following the instructions on the site, I was able to clear my cold in a matter of a few days.

Final Words

All of these remedies I listed in this article, are my personal opinions of how to get rid of a cold. One should ask their doctor if any or all remedies are suitable for them. What’s your trick to get rid of a cold? Comment below and share.

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