Three Most Common Vitamin Deficiencies

Please be advised that this is not advice from a medical doctor it is simply an opinion and backed with research from different research groups and facilities. 

Are you vitamin deficient?

You are not alone. Almost one in every three Americans are vitamin deficient. In this article I will talk about what those main vitamin deficiencies are and how you can increase them by the food provided by mother nature.

Top vitamin deficiencies in America

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1. Iodine

It helps regulate thyroid hormones. The thyroid has a vital role as a deficiency in thyroid is seen in cancer patients. Foods that are rich in iodine include spinach, kidney beans, lentils, swiss chard and seaweed.

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2. Calcium

Calcium is a vitamin that we hear growing up all the time. “Make sure you drink your milk if you want strong bones.” This is true. We can thank the vitamin calcium for our strong bones and arm wrestling strength.

Contrary to popular belief, milk isn’t the only or the highest dairy item that has calcium.

Foods that are rich in calcium include seeds, spinach, broccoli, yogurt, almonds and kale.

Vitamin D
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3. Vitamin D

Researchers show that there are 1 in 3 Americans that lack vitamin D . Some say that a lack of vitamin D can cause many diseases such as osteoporosis, certain cancers, kidney diseases and many more.

The primary role of vitamin D is bone health. It absorbs calcium and supports many systems with in the body.

Foods with vitamin D are Tuna, Salmon, Eggs, and Cheese. Another effective way to increase your vitamin D intake is stay out in the sun for at least 10-15 minutes a day. Yes do use sun block but take some sunlight into your skin a daily basis. This has shown to be an effective way to increase vitamin D intake.

A personal word from me

Every vitamin has its roles in our bodies. It’s important that we place our health a priority in our lives. Invest in natural foods as our medicine and not in lab foods unless needed for a boost.

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